How to make a balsam pillow

I've often been asked about the name Balsam Pillow...  where I thought of it, what it means, etc.  When I was a child I had a sachet pillow of crushed balsam fir needles with a wonderful fir scent.  I remember the pillow when I was taking my afternoon nap as a little boy. It was almost like a teddy bear.

When I established my recording studio and was thinking of a name to call it, I didn't want to go with a name like I had seen around like "Startrax Productions", or "Ray Lyon Studio", etc. etc.  Instead my mind went to the pillow I had as a child and the special meaning it had for me.

Peace, rest, serenity, dark green, balsam fir (which is my favorite tree)...  I wanted to project that kind of vibe into my ethos as a musician, engineer, and composer.  It has served me well.

Over the years I have been given (and have bought) several balsam pillows of various sizes and shapes.  They can easily be found in touristy type places in North Carolina or Maine.  They are available on the internet.  You can even make them yourself.  Instructions?  Here.

I even get emails asking me if I make pillows, or would like to buy/sell balsam pillows. A few phone calls as well.  Ce la vie!